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Chase Richard Walker

"Falling, yes I am falling, and he keeps calling me back again..."

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Name:Chase Richard Walker
Birthdate:Jan 18

Chase Richard Walker was born and raised in Adelaide, the son of two teachers. His dad, Richard, taught English Lit, and his mum, Danielle, taught Algebra. The pair had met in university, and got married soon after, welcoming only child, Chase, to the family five years later, having wanted some time together to grow as a couple before bringing children into the picture. The family was totally content with just one son, and Chase grew up happy, if a little overprotected.

He grew up extremely close to both parents, and looked up to both of them. As a small child, he wanted to be a teacher like they were. But it was an experience his junior year in high school that would change the whole course of his future studies. He befriended a guy named Garrett in his class, and the pair became close friends. Chase had never thought all that much about his sexuality, even when his friends were all getting laid and bragging about which girls they'd fucked, but Chase just wasn't interested. He and Garrett became really close mates when they realized that they were both gay, and while they never dated, they spent tons of time together, Garrett loving coming over to Chase's house, where both boys were loved for exactly who they were.

Unfortunately, one night when Garrett was supposed to come for a sleepover at Chase's house, he never showed up. A drive over to the other boy's house found Chase discovering Garrett severely beaten up by his homophobic father who'd discovered him watching gay porn. The difficult decision then arose of what to do, and the only option Chase knew of was to call DoCS and report the child abuse. Garrett was still underage, and he needed help. The other boy was removed from his home, and despite his initial anger at Chase, the pair were reunited months later, and Garrett expressed his gratitude for everything that Chase had done.

The system may not have been perfect, but it had saved his friend's life, and when all was said and done, Chase found himself changing his career goals, applying to schools for social work. He ended up going to the University of Sydney to get his social work degree, but never finished after the strangest turn of events of his life took him away from university.

The summer before his final year of school, his mom told him about an audition for a talent show, and begged him to at least try out. He was the born singer of the family, and he loved it, but had never considered it a career option. Still, at her request, he decided giving it a shot couldn't hurt, and went on the show. On the audition day, he met a guy about his age named Axel Beckett, and the pair hit it off almost instantly. They exchanged numbers before their auditions, and promised to keep in touch no matter what happened. But to their surprise, they were both chosen to stay on the show to compete, Chase having dedicated his audition to his mum and performed The Perfect Fan by Backstreet Boys, and a bit of an impromptu romance rose up between the two guys more quickly than either saw it coming.

By the end of the show, along with three other guys, Axel and Chase had become a boyband known as Electricks, and were already developing a bit of a following. But with their addition to Angel Shaw's tour, they had no idea the level of popularity that was about to hit them. They've just relocated to New York City to begin the next stage of their public lives, and Chase couldn't be more excited to be on this adventure with his other half by his side.

Chase's tag @ +dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"Theres a life inside of me that I can feel again
It's the only thing that takes me where I've never been
I don't care if I lost everything that I have known
It dont matter where I lay my head tonight
Your arms feel like home."

- Your Arms Feel Like Home, 3 Doors Down

Chase is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Chase's PB is Adam Gregory, who belongs to himself.

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